Wednesday, May 7, 2008

don't fence me in

Today was Family Field Day for ICSB. We went to the rock quarry to play games and have a picnic lunch together as a school family. I didn't go until lunch time so that Seth could have his morning nap. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. Thank you, God, for beautiful weather!

Seth and I took a long walk this afternoon as we walked back from the rock quarry. I didn't take pictures at field day because there was just too much going on, but I took lots on our walk back. Every time we are on walks, I can't help but notice the hundreds of different types of gates/fences around everyone's properties. It amazes me that EVERYONE has a gate. I know that breaking in is a more common crime around here, so I'm sure it's for safety reasons. But it is just funny to me to see all the different kinds and wonder how much some of them cost. I also find it interesting because so many homes in the US don't have gates as compared to everyone here having them. There is a huge wealth difference among people who live here. You can tell not only by the house obviously but just by the gate alone.

Our school has a fence only around the old portion where the elementary and middle school are. They are currently working on building a fence around the entire property for safety and security purposes. And who is paying for this fence to go up? The American tax payers' dollars! We have enough Embassy kids going to our school that the US is funding it. Yeah for us!

These pictures will be boring to most (if not to all of you!), but with me liking design and all of that, well, I find them so cool. I always tell myself when I'm out on walks that I will someday take pictures of the different types of gates, and today was that "someday." You can tell from the way the fences are built in the pictures that Diósd is hilly. Can you figure out who the rich Hungarians are?!

Don't Fence Me In


Brittany said...

Are they big on privacy? Maybe that's it?! Very interesting!

EMily said...

Hey K! You should know that I absolutely LOVE reading your posts! You have such a way of describing your daily life that makes it so interesting- and makes me want to be there! In response to the facebook comment- Mike and I are having our final GBIM meeting all day on the 23rd, so we will be finding out more stuff and then probably raising support! We're doing well, and starting to get really, really excited! As for the fences, it's amazing- I think many, many other places in the world have fences while the US doesn't! Things look similar, yet definitely different, though Buenos Aires does have tons of gates as well! One question- if you go to visit someone, and you come to a gate (duh) when you get to their house, is there a buzzer? How do you let them know you are there? In Argentina, there were sometimes buzzers, but for those (often poorer) houses that didn't we had to clap our hands to let people know we were there. I always felt so dumb! It was normal though! Hope you guys are doing fantastic, and keep up the posting!

Stefanie said...

There is not one picture of Seth!!