Wednesday, April 23, 2008

waves of exhaustion

Our first full day back included a trip to the grocery store with our friend Audrey, who just arrived in Hungary last week. We met at training last summer, and she has now joined us. It was fun to see each other once again, and we look forward to spending time here ministering together!

Going to the grocery store was not nearly exciting as it was back home, as I marveled at all the food items, but it wasn't stressful at all like it was when we first moved here. As I have shared with many people, anything becomes normal after a long enough time.

Although my goal was to get things unpacked, that didn't really happen very much. I really don't have anywhere to put some of the things, and I hit waves of exhaustion that literally knocked me off of my feet. Several naps were had today. Yeah!

Still want to get the pictures downloaded and organized. That will be a job and a half.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get those things done...

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Stefanie said...

Would one of those be updating Seth's blog with pictures??!