Wednesday, April 30, 2008

4 day weekend

We attended most of the middle school and high school musical production tonight. They all did a great job. We had to leave early because it was time for Seth's bath and then bedtime.

Before the concert I had ELI (English Language Institute). This was my first one back since being in the US, as I missed last week because I was just so exhausted, and Matthew, who subbed for me while I was away, offered to do it again. He really likes it, so we decided to tag-team the class. It is nice to bounce ideas off of another person and have two people available to help. It was good to be back. Zsolt asked me if I would talk and listen to him and his girlfriend speak in English and help them with pronunciation over the next few weeks, in addition to class. I thought that was great! I am thinking about having them over for dinner, too. They might not be interested, but it's worth a shot.
We're headed into a four day weekend. No real plans, but that's nice. We've had several four-day weekends this year. I could get used to that!

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