Wednesday, March 12, 2008

when mom's away, the boys will play

It's been a busy few days. Obviously, I haven't blogged in days. Lots going on and more to come...
We had a special visit from Nusi this weekend. Her friend Linda came along because she wanted to see Seth. I always love our visits with Nusi. She cracks me up. They spoke to Seth in Hungarian and told me that he likes Hungarian better than English. Perhaps that's why I can't understand what he's saying right now...

We also had family game night with several families here. That was fun. Good homemade pizza and brownies too.

Whittington and her sister (who's in town visiting this week) came over for dinner Monday night and helped eat the cake I made. My last cake decorating class was supposed to be this past Monday, so I spent Sunday afternoon making my cake and frosting it so that I could decorate a finished product. By the time I was done with all of that, however, I got a call saying that class was cancelled due to a sick kid. My freezer is too small to fit a cake in it, and it wouldn't keep sitting out until the rescheduled class, so I decided that we had to go ahead and eat it. And I must say that I did a good job. It was wonderful!

We had small group last night. Kevin was/is sick, so I went by myself and took Seth with me so that he could get some rest. Our group is made up of couples in their 20's, 30's, and 40's. It's nice to have that age range and different perspectives. I like our time together. I brought a ton of cake with me, too, so that I wouldn't eat the whole thing with it just sitting at our house. It was devoured, and I was asked for the frosting recipe. That's what made the cake so good.

Tonight I was out and had to leave Seth home with Kevin because I had ELI. I'm not sure how it went. I kept asking them if they could understand me, if I was talking too fast, and if they had any questions. No one ever said anything, but I know I was talking too fast. How do you talk slowly and yet still sound normal? This is a trick I have yet to learn. It's interesting to hear most English language learners stumble on the same sorts of sounds. I don't feel so bad for stumbling over some of the Hungarian sounds. These sounds that neither of us can make in each other's language is because they don't exist in our own. It's hard to make your mouth make some formation and sound it has never done before. I have to consciously think of where I am putting my tongue. All of the men in the class of one of three very traditional Hungarian names: László (Laci), Zoltán (Zoli), or Gábor. That makes it easy for me. There is probably a 50-year age span between the youngest and oldest in my class. It's quite the mix. I felt like an idiot most of the time since I have never done this before and I just got the needed books this afternoon. Hopefully next week will be better when I have more time to plan.

In other news, you should have seen the huge smile on my face when I received the LARGEST bag of chocolate chips known to man from the Palsgroves in Crystal Lake, IL. I am super duper excited as I have lots of baking to do and can now use recipes that require chocolate chips!!! We say a huge THANK YOU to you guys!

Why do I have to do lots of baking? You see, for the math nerds (I am including myself in that group), Friday is Pi Day. Yes, I hope you remember that lovely symbol used in mathematics for calculating things such as the circumference and area of a circle. Friday is March 14 (3/14), and pi is 3.14, although the numbers after the decimal point continue on for eternity. So I am baking as much circular foods as I can for the math classes as school in honor of this special day. I can now bake even more items now that I have 72 oz. of chocolate chips!

So I close with a picture having to do with the title of my post, taken while I was gone at ELI this evening...

Love the face on that cute kiddo! He always makes the funniest faces!

Oh, and one more thing...


(And I'm not saying that because they gave me something or anything like that. I'm saying that just because I love them and actually do believe that they are the best. I love you Mom and Dad!)


Boo Boo's Mommy said...

Umm, you forgot to say that you have the best sister in the world.

Also, I wouldn't be too sure about leaving Seth with Kevin.

Anonymous said...

So the package arrived, huh?!?!? We love you three too - even though Kevin hates my Yankees! Love, Dad