Friday, March 21, 2008


I went to Sárospatak (or Pataki Kerámia) today. It is a pottery store I have been dying to go to ever since we moved here, and I was finally able to go today. I went there when I student taught here and got this beautiful three part divided tray. Every time I brought it somewhere, I was always asked where I got it. The shop is really small but sells the handmade, hand painted pottery from the town Sárospatak, which is the birthplace of Saint Elisabeth of Hungary.

I found the website for the shop, after much searching, and from this I found out that it is just the showroom for the pottery there. On the website you can see all the things they make, but the shop here in Budapest only has an array of random pieces and not nearly all of that or even most of it. But nonetheless I had SO much fun looking around at all the pretty pieces. It seriously is such a little shop, but I could spend a couple of hours in there!

A few other tidbits I learned: (Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing?!)
*"Every piece is an individual work of art. Shapes vary somewhat because the pieces are hand formed. Artwork may differ slightly because each piece is hand painted or hand finished."
*They have "about 1000 different shapes and more than 3000 patterns."
*Here is a picture of a stamp similar to the one on the backs of their pieces.


Audrey said...

What a fantastic find! The pieces really are artwork. Were you able to buy anything, or is it pretty expensive?

Kristen said...

I was able to get something for myself, but I was mainly there to find a few gifts. It is not expensive at all, or at least I didn't think so. I was very pleasantly surprised!