Monday, March 31, 2008

is it wednesday yet?

I am up super late because I am working on getting everything ready before I fly back to the States for a couple weeks. That's right folks, I'm headed "home." Home is such a funny word because everyone here asks where you're from, "Where's home?" they ask. I never know how to respond because it has been so many different places. I tell them that I lived the majority of my life outside of Chicago but moved here from Columbus, Ohio. I also lived in NY during college and then when Kevin and I were first married, which is where he grew up his whole life. But when I say "home" now, I mean the good old USA!

So if you haven't heard or didn't know, I fly back on Wednesday, thanks to a most generous family for giving us their airline miles. The biggest bummer of the trip is that Kevin can't go with us because of school. I have flown all over by myself before (including Europe), and so flying by myself is not the scary thing. Flying with Seth is the scary thing. He is such a good baby, but I don't know how it'll be cooped up in an airplane for hours upon hours over the huge Atlantic Ocean. I know SO many people are praying for a safe flight, for smooth transitions in London, and for Seth to do well. Everyone always rolls their eyes when they see a baby on the plane, especially if that baby is near them. I pray he is SO good!

My nerves about this trip grew over the weekend when London Heathrow opened up the new Terminal 5, which was a complete disaster. They are still working on sorting through and distributing 15,000 pieces of luggage to passengers. Flights were cancelled, computer gliches were had, and people were stranded. All in all, it was not a proud day for British Airways, London Heathrow, or as the papers report, for the British nation. They are still cancelling flights into this week, so I have been a bundle of nerves waiting to find out if my flight to London will be one of those. I am pleased to report that of the 50 flights not going on Wednesday that mine is not included, thus far. So Lord willing Seth and I will make it over there in one piece and will not disturb the other passengers too much.

The purspose of this trip is for both of our families to meet Seth. We were not planning on going back to the US until the summer of 2009, so this was a pleasant surprise to be able to go now. I would love to see people, but baby and no car means no travel to all the places to visit everyone. Sorry! That'll have to wait until next summer when we're back. I am super excited to go and just want to be there already. Seth will miss his dad so much, as I think he is more of a daddy's boy than mommy's little baby. Glad they have that bond. I will miss Kevin lots, too. I know our families are super bummed he can't come either. You can pray for Kevin as we're away, too!

Also, thank you for praying for my friend Ryan. Kristin continues to keep their blog updated with all of the latest news concerning Ryan and the family. I know it was a rough weekend but that things were starting to look up yesterday. Praise the Lord! Keep praying!


Boo Boo's Mommy said...

Counting down the hours!

Andrea Meszaros said...

Hi Kristen,

You don't know me yet, but I am going to be come to ICSB this summer to work in the library. I found your blog by accident through a random search. I have read through most of your blog and it has given me insight into what might be in store for me when I arrive in Hungary.