Sunday, January 13, 2008

születési anyakönyvi kivonat

extract from the register of births (i.e. birth certificate)

We received Seth's birth certificate in the mail. It is quite the process to get that over here since we are foreigners. Well, I should say that part is not the difficult part, but now we have to get a passport and visa for him, which is the difficult part.

Step 1: Get his birth certificate. In order to get his birth certificate, however, it requires having an official copy of our marriage license. Yeah for us actually bringing a couple copies of our marriage license with us to Hungary!

Step 2: Our marriage license is in English, so we have to get it translated into Hungarian. The Hungarian marriage license is beautiful. We couldn't keep the official one because that had to be filed, but we did get a copy.

Step 3: Turn in the Hungarian translation of our marriage license and get a copy of the birth certificate mailed to us.

Step 4: The birth certificate must now be translated into English. Yeah for the hospital giving is to us in 3 languages, yes, 3...Hungarian, French, and English.

Step 5: We need these things in hand and must go to the US Embassy: (1) an official record of the child’s foreign birth; (2) evidence of the parents’ U.S. citizenship; (3) evidence of the parents’ marriage; and(4) affidavits of parents’ residence and physical presence in the United States.

Step 6: Not sure. There is more we have to do, but we will find out once we get to the Embassy. You can find lots of great and helpful information on the internet, but it only goes so far sometimes. I will be talking with other parents here to find out the rest.

When will we have all of this done? Steps 1-4 are done. Not sure when steps 5-6 will be finished, but it must be done as soon as possible. Dealing with government agencies is always interesting and often frustrating. I'll let you know when he has official papers. Ahhh...
And just another picture...cute little guy sleeping after a bath with his hair sticking up. It always sticks up after a bath! And he also often sleeps with his hands up like that. It cracks us up!

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Aww he looks like Boo. What an awesome blanket!