Wednesday, January 9, 2008

élelmiszer (2)


I know I did this topic before, but I have so much to say because I wonder about things a lot. This is due to many reasons, but I write about food again today. I will still write about it countless more times.

Do grocery stores sell canned strawberries in the US? I never saw any, but then again, I was never looking for them. There is a huge section of canned fruit here that I do not recall ever seeing before back home. Very interesting...

Can you make beef consomme? I made this pork tonight that I always served with rice pilaf before. I made it myself following my mom's recipe, and it was so good. It calls for beef consomme, but they don't have it here. People have given me several other recipes for rice pilaf, but nothing tastes as good as my mom's. I made mashed potatoes instead, but the pork tasted so much better with the rice. I don't make mashed potatoes ever after my disaster from the first time I made them, but they turned out okay tonight. You should ask Kevin about the first time. He was such a trooper to eat them. Actually, I have botched several potato dishes, and he has still eaten them all. He is so good like that.

Seth is hungry now. Perhaps he is reading my blog and wants to be fed early. Off I go and then to bed!

*Side note... Hungarians' favorite question to ask young mothers is, "Do you have enough milk?" All the Hungarian women I know have asked me already and even a stranger has. Do people ask young mothers in the US that, too?


Kristin said...

I must admit that I was asked that question a time or two, but I am not sure if it was because I was a new mom or if it was because I had twins.

Dad D said...

We always buy a couple of gallons before Josh comes home - better to be safe! (I thought you would enjoy this answer).

Rachael said...

I've never seen canned strawberries before - I'd love to try them and see how they taste compared to fresh/frozen! It must be so challenging to try to cook in another country.

I never got asked if I had enough milk, just the 'are you nursing' question (or the ever popular 'is he sleeping through the night' which I always had to talk around to avoid sleep lectures or shocked expressions).

Kristen said...

Thanks, Kristin and Rachael. These things are new for me anyway, much less everything else that's new being over here. It just is funny to me.

And I am thinking about buying some of the canned strawberries to try them. I am learning new recipes, altering old ones, or finding substitutes. There are some recipes that have stayed the same, so that's good!

And lovely comment, Dad. You and Kevin are two peas in a pod. Kevin wants to ask the next person we have over for dinner if we can "squeeze them a glass of milk." So hilarious.