Sunday, January 6, 2008


thank you

I am still way behind in writing thank you notes and catching up on emails. I continue to say thank you for being patient with me. I promise that I am working on them!

On a very happy note, Whittington came back this afternoon. She came over for dinner tonight and to hang out with her favorite little Seth. Oh how we missed her!

And on an even happier note for Kevin, school has been delayed tomorrow due to all of the ice from the freezing rain we had all day today, which caused a lot of the snow to melt and make things pretty slick. Looks like he gets to sleep in one more day after all!

Now off to bed...

Well, only off to sleep for a few hours to be awakened by a hungry baby later on. According to medicine, "sleeping through the night" means 5 hours. So technically Seth is "sleeping through the night," but my mind and body don't think so. It is getting lots better though. I really can't complain. :)


Rachael said...

Yeah for another day off from school for Kevin! I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight. I took a daily nap with David until he was at least a few months old b/c i couldn't function as well with his 'every 2-3 hour to eat' nighttime routine when he was little. The hardest thing is it gets better, and then they hit all sorts of developmental milestones/teething around 6-9 months and their sleeping seems to get worse again for awhile!

黃立成Jeff said...
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