Wednesday, November 7, 2007

more details

Okay, so here's how God has been working on our behalf...

1. We were informed yesterday that our landlord lowered our rent. Why? They suddenly found themselves in a higher tax bracket, and so they lowered our rent to keep them in the lower bracket. Plus, they told us to deduct that amount from the previous months' rents we had paid.

2. We were also told that our landlord gave us the go ahead to buy a new refrigerator. The only stipulations are that it has to be a fridge/freezer combo and that it has to fit in the space that the one we currently have sits in. We are to pick it out and buy it ourselves and then deduct the amount we paid off of next month's rent.

3. Someone called us the other night wanting to purchase for us a travel system for our baby... car seat, stroller, and carrier. They are going to the States in the next few weeks and will buy whatever one we pick out and bring it back with them as a piece of their luggage. (You need to understand that those things are available here, but they cost 2-4 times the amount.)

4. We got word that, despite being told that our crate was in country last Friday and is not, it will be here and available for us to pick up the week of Thanksgiving. Although that is cutting it pretty close, we now have a time when we can get it and know we will have it. We also have the extra costs for that covered.

5. God has provided several women who have come to talk to me in the last two days about all sorts of baby stuff here. They were able to calm my nerves about some things I have learned, and they are even willing to help out by coming over to the house or to the hospital to help in ways that the hospital here might not (as compared to how the hospitals in the States help... much more "hands-off" here).

6. Although not certain yet, we might be able to have a car from Thanksgiving to New Year's from a family going back to the States for that time. That would solve all sorts of problems of how we will get to and from the hospital, how to pick up my parents at the airport, and how to get around during the holiday season when so many people we currently rely on for transportation won't be around. That also takes care of how we get a newborn to those first few appointments when taking public in frigid temperatures might not be the smartest thing at 2 weeks old. This one is still on hold, so keep praying about that one for us! Just knowing that this could be a possibility is an answer to prayer!

7. And we got a gift certificate in the mail yesterday to use online at I know it might seem like a small thing, but Kevin and I were most grateful for this unexpected surprise. Although we honestly don't miss television, we would like to collect some more DVDs!


Jenny said...

Kris, That is so awesome how God is provided the most amazing things over and over again for you and Kevin. I'll be praying for you. Let me know if there's anything else we can be praying for. Love you guys!

Kristin said...

Kristen ~ God is so GREAT! I am very excited to hear how he is working in your lives. It is a great reminder that he is working in all things (even the things we don't think about ourselves).

Boo Boo's Mom said...

Isn't it so cool to see how the Lord always provides for things! He's always working! (He's never early, but he's always on time!).