Monday, November 19, 2007

booger love

This post is dedicated to my many lovely second graders who are a stage in their life where they are fascinated with their bodies, mainly what comes out of them.

"Booger Love" by Brod Bagert (taken from his book Giant Children)

I love this little booger,
All shiny, green, and black.
You can hold it for a minute,
But I want my booger back.

It stays right where I put it,
It sure knows how to stick.
And if it gets too dry...?
It just needs a little lick.

I can hold it on my finger,
I can flick it in the air,
I can stick it underneath a desk,
Or underneath a chair.

I can make a ball and roll it
Just to see which way it goes.
I love this booger anywhere...
Except inside my nose.

This poem is always a favorite of kids if and when I read it to them and a great way to remind them of what not to do. We are really working on using a tissue at all times, but for some reason, this has been a slow go. And thanks to Lyndsey, who bought me this lovely book of kids' poetry last year when we were at a language arts workshop together. It is great!


Boo Boo's Mom said...

That's disgusting. I think your husband is rubbing off on you.

Kristen said...

That is the way kids feel about boogers though! They look at them and examine them, and if they don't eat them, they leave them behind for someone else such as myself to find them. It is disgusting!!! Just wait until Daniel gets fascinated with his own...

Kristin said...

I think it is funny because it is so true...disgusting though!

Kevin said...

If that's how kids are with boogers than I never want to grow up (and never have). Pick and flick!

Boo Boo's Mom said...

And you wonder why I won't let my child around you Kevin...

Anonymous said...

I love this poem. I am a librarian in a small elementary school in South,Texas. My kids(K-5th) love this poem. I find that teachers are the ones that are offfened with it.

Anonymous said...

Gross I read this in GATAS when we were learning about Brod Bagert. It was everyone's favorite!

Courtney :)