Sunday, October 28, 2007

maternity leave

I was reading a newspaper online and catching up on the news I have missed. Ohio was voting on if they should extend the maternity leave to 12 weeks. People wrote in with their various thoughts and opinions on the matter. One woman wrote about how much more time women get for maternity leave in other countries around the world, so I thought I would find out how much time new Hungarian mothers get.

Women can get up to 3 YEARS PAID maternity leave in Hungary!!! This is of course not at 100% pay, but it can be a flat rate up to 70%. How interesting that the US gives some of the shortest paid maternity leave in the entire world. Does that have something to say about where everyone's priorities are?

Kevin and I were interviewed for the school newspaper this week. They were asking some of the differences between here and where we are from. Obviously there are plenty, but one of the things that I love the most about here is the value they place on family and the respect they have for one another. Again, even in the way they care for new mothers by giving them such a long time to be at home and raise their children, just shows what they value here. It is refreshing. Young kids get up and offer me their seat on the crowded bus. Gentlemen open doors for me and greet me with "Csókolom," a more formal greeting that signifies respect for someone. The whole respect thing is a part of their society, and we lack that in the States. It is wonderfully refreshing!


josh said...

you shoulda moved to switzerland (or is it sweden?)...their maternity leave policy is the best in the world (or that is what i was told in my one poli sci class)...also please email me if you get a chance, i lost your email address. lastly (if you haven't been watchin' the office) you can watch the office on for free

Kristin said...

It is good to know that there is still respect shown in this is too easy to forget here. It is also a good reminder to try and go out of my way to be respectful others...maybe it will brighten someone else's day.

Boo Boo's Mom said...

So this is why you moved to Hungary... :)

I think that's a great is physically/emotionally overwhelming enough to have a baby, not to mention returning to work!