Wednesday, October 24, 2007

a gift

I have written countless times about our personal finances and trusting God to provide what we need. I have to tell you that I am still always surprised when he meets our needs. Why? Perhaps it's because I don't feel that I deserve it. And also, sometimes he just provides something extra even when we aren't necessarily "in need" of it. That's even more surprising! Why would he do that? Because he loves us...

So Kevin and I were getting ready to leave the school late last Friday night as we wanted to look up a few more things on the internet before leaving for Vienna. Kevin decided to check his mailbox before leaving, and there was an envelope with money in it for us. The only thing it said was "Yaiko's, to use however you'd like."

We have received several anonymous financial gifts over the last few years, always just when we needed it. I have to tell you that each time I found such an envelope in my mailbox at my previous school, I was shocked and brought to tears. I have always hoped and prayed that the person(s) who gave us the gift each time would know how grateful we were, and Kevin and I have always thanked God and prayed for that person. I struggle with not being able to say thank you to that person, but I have been reminded several times that if they wanted me to know who it was from that they would have said. Kevin's mom told me that the best way to say thank you is to pass on the blessing when we are in a position where we can do that.

Again, I am surprised every time this happens, but I was more surprised this time than any other time. Why? We're all here as missionaries and supported by other believers. I never thought in a million years we would still receive such a gift because we're all in the same boat here. It's just tight for everyone! And now that the dollar continues to grow weaker every week, things continue to get tighter and more expensive for everyone living here. So how does someone with no money still give? I don't know who or how, but I do know that God will bless them far beyond anything I could ever say or do for them.

But nonetheless, THANK YOU!

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