Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Thanks for all of the help and suggestions everyone gave me for chapel! I appreciate it all so much. It went just fine. The kids in my class helped with reading Bible passages and even came up with a skit, with just a little help from me. They were so excited and nervous to be such a big part of chapel that they just loved it. I was glad for that.

I had asked the kids why we should be respectful of our parents. Kevin told me that I should tell them that the Bible says that children deserve to die if they disobey, but I thought I'd leave that out. One of the kids in my class ending up saying that exact same thing as one of the reasons why we should be respectful and obey--the Bible says they could die! I was trying not to laugh as some of the kids who heard and understood this ELL student got the biggest eyes. It was great!

Glad it's done and behind me. First quarter ends in two days. Four day weekend coming up. Now trying to work on finishing grades and seeing if Kevin and I can get away for one last weekend before we become parents...

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