Wednesday, September 26, 2007

small concerns taken care of

It's been a week since I blogged! Life has been busy...

Some of you know that the hard drive on our laptop crashed at the end of last week. That was definitely not a good day. Trying to figure out what to do and how to get it repaired and/or new parts while overseas...not fun. Kevin emailed HP, and because our laptop is still under warranty, they will give us a brand new hard drive free of charge. But they don't ship overseas and you only have 15 days for the transaction to be completed. Shipping electronic stuff across the Atlantic is super expensive, and there is no guarantee that it won't get stolen.

Mom and Dad to the rescue! They are taking care of all sorts of things for us while we are here. We were planning to ship our old hard drive to them and have our new one shipped to them as well. Then we thought that we would just wait until they come to visit, thus not risking not getting the new one or having to pay customs.

Then last night as Kevin goes over to the school to call my dad and tell him this, a teacher comes by and tells Kevin that she was flying out to Chicago today and wanted to know if we needed anything since she knew that's where I was from. Kevin told her what happened, and she took our hard drive with her today and was taking care of the mailing for us from the US! God is so great in answering those concerns that matter to us, even though in the broad scope of the universe this doesn't really matter. So it turned out not to be as bad as we thought! Thank you Jesus!

Oh, and we went to this "Gospel and Soul" sort of concert on the rooftop garden of West End (the mall) in Budapest with Nusi last Friday night. Watching a bunch of white Hungarians rap to Kirk Franklin...SO funny! *Note to Aimee: Thought of you the WHOLE time wishing you could be there to see it and hear it. You would have loved it!

And one more thing, we were able to buy a DVD player on Friday while we were at West End! It's not as simple as you'd think because European DVDs are different than American DVDs, so you have to find a player that can play both. The DVDs look the same and whatnot, but they are in different formats. Electronic equipment is SUPER expensive here, and Kevin and I were gagging at the cost of a regular DVD player being over $400. Nusi is wonderful to translate and ask questions for us, and so she asked one of the workers if they had any that were Region 1 and Region 2 compatible. They only carry one over here, which is of course a brand name I had never heard of, but again, God took care of this minor concern of ours...This DVD player is the cheapest one out there and only cost $60! Again, thank you Jesus!


Aimee said...

Aww - I wish I could've been there, too!! Sounds like a great time :) Though I can imagine how awkward it must be to hear Hungarians singing gospel music in English ;) Glad you guys have been able to work out all the computer problems. What a huge blessing & answer to prayer to have a friend going to Chicago. God is so good to all of us!

Audrey said...

Wow! Jehovah Jireh prevails on two fronts for you. Awesome. He is so good.

Brittany said...

The little things... The Lord is always in the littlest things, just to show us he loves us! AWESOME :)