Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Those of you who know me know that I am a planner and control freak. Yes, I admit that I am one, and there are both pros and cons for that. I was going to write today to complain about the sub experience I had yesterday afternoon while I was gone, but I know that I shouldn't do that for many reasons. Just know that my planner-control freak personality does not handle these things well, and I am telling myself that I am really going to have to let these things go. This I'm sure will be a life long process, but I am really trying to just put it behind me and not think about it anymore. Instead, I am focusing on being grateful that I could go to the doctor, that I had a new friend be able to take me for the first time, and that I was able to get in last minute and a sub to take my class. Thanks, God!

One of the things I love about being so close to the school is that there is always someone here and you end up having the most random and yet awesome discussions with people. God has really blessed me with some wise and Godly people here who never seem too busy to stop and talk. Maybe its because we all understand the need and desire for that, or maybe God has just been gracious to me by placing these people in my life. It's just been so neat!

I spent yesterday evening talking with one of the high school English teachers, whom I am sure I would ordinarily not get a chance to talk to because of different schedules and the wings we work in, but I was so encouraged after talking with her. We also got to pray in groups together yesterday morning at staff devotions, and I was in a group with one of the Hungarian teachers. I have gotten to know her a bit because we usually have lunch together, and she comes into my room a couple times a week to teach my students Hungarian. (By the way, I usually stay in there to learn some myself!) She asked if she could pray in Hungarian because it was easier, and I thought that was cool to be able to listen to her pray in another language. Of course I didn't understand anything she said, but I thought how awesome it is to worship and serve a God who can understand every language from every people group on earth! That just boggles my mind and gives me goose bumps. Not only that, but he can understand all of us who are praying to him at the same time!

So I am grateful for all of the wonderful people God has put into our lives. I am grateful that he knows what I need and provides that for me. And I am grateful for Kevin wanting to cook dinner last night AND tonight. Mom Y...be very shocked!


Dad said...

I'm holding my praise for Kevin's efforts until I hear what it is he cooked!

Kevin said...

I "cooked" a box of cereal with milk.