Thursday, August 9, 2007

encouraging day

I am just so excited! Every time we turn around, it seems that God is providing us with the funds we need to go, one way or another. I hate having to ask for money, and it's so hard to have to ask. It's not because we have had a bad experience with it or anything, but I always feel bad. Everyone out there seems to need money for something. I don't want to be just another one of those people asking. I know it's different with people you have relationships with, as many have told me what an honor and privilege it is to be a part of our ministry, but it is still difficult for me. We get all kinds of advice from other missionaries on this sort of thing, and I appreciate that. Maybe it gets easier after you've been doing this for years and years... But nonetheless, I am super excited as it feels like things are wrapping up and that we will be able to go very soon! Our mission board and our school keep emailing us because they are just so excited for us to go. It greatly encourages my heart that they care so much!

I went with my sister to her women's small group tonight. They invited me to come and share, and I have enjoyed these opportunities that have been given to us by various groups to do this sort of thing. Every time I walk away feeling encouraged and uplifted, and I always get to meet such great people. That's the best part!

Well, I look forward to another new day tomorrow and especially getting to be with my little Boo Boo all day. It's still so hard to believe we'll have a kid soon!


Audrey said...

Keep pressing on, Kristen! Peace to you both.