Tuesday, July 17, 2007

if i hear that chirp one more time...

Kevin and I made a checklist today of everything we have to do in the next three weeks. Let me just say that it is incredibly overwhelming to print out pages of things that need to get done. I honestly don't believe there are enough hours in the day to do it all!

My favorite thing about today was the way it started... Our smoke detector in our bedroom decided to go off in the middle of the night with that annoying chirp/beep to let you know the battery is dying. Now you need to understand that I awoke to this sound and thought it had to be a sick joke because we have a vaulted ceiling in our room. Guess where that stinking smoke detector is located? Yes, right at the top which is too tall for us to reach with our little ladder.

So you would think that just removing the battery would solve the problem, but NO! We basically had to rip it out of the ceiling with the cords and all to get it to shut up. We probably broke it in the process. Kevin had to stack chairs and furniture in order to reach it, which just made me nervous. And why does the smoke detector battery die in the middle of the night?! I am awake more hours that I sleep, and yet it decides to do this when it's pitch black at like 4 a.m. where you can't see. I was not happy.

By the way, our day just got better as we were pulled over this morning on the way to the dentist for expired tags on Kevin's car. Yeah, apparently they expired while we were gone and we didn't know, and so the first day back we drove his car and two minutes later we got pulled over and ticketed for it. You have got to be kidding me! Fantastic day...

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