Sunday, July 15, 2007


After being gone for almost a month, Kevin and I are finally back home, or should I say where home has been for the last three years and where home will remain for the next 3 weeks. I cannot believe we are leaving for good in 3 weeks!!! I have way too much packing to do.

I am looking forward to sleeping in our own bed tonight and waking up to take a shower in my own bathroom. I have more clothes to wear than what I packed in the tiny suitcase, and I have access to all of those dumb things that you only miss when you're gone.

I sorted through all of our mail, 90% of which was junk. It's good to throw most of that away. I started packing just some odds and ends in the hour we've been home because now I feel that we can do that.

We still can't leave the country until we have 100% of our financial support raised, and so we ask for prayers regarding that next. We have seen God provide again and again, but we still need a lot more! We had a great meeting with my old church I grew up in back in Chicago, and they want to support us if their budget allows them to. That would be amazing if they could.

Anyway, I know that I have so many people to see and say goodbye to in the next three weeks. Thanks for all of our love, support, and prayers!

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Mommee and Her Boys said...

Add us to the list! :) I want you to meet Matthew before you leave. We are praying for you, and your amazing journeys ahead!! :)