Thursday, March 1, 2007

bitter sweet

I feel like I need to write some more about my background and why Hungary is the place where I desire to be.

I went there in high school for a missions trip/exchange program, and I have been in love with Hungary and its people ever since. I was able to student teach abroad and decided to go back to the town of Diosd, Hungary, which is right outside of the capital city of Budapest. I did that in hopes of either putting my desire to go back to Hungary to rest or see if that was still something that I might want to do in the future if it was also God's desire for me. Student teaching there confirmed my desire to go back again one day, and although an opportunity to go back has happened once or twice, the timing was never right. Now it seems to be that the timing is right and that things are just falling into place.

A large part of going back to Hungary has to do with my relationship with the Lord. I have always had the most challenging and growing experiences while over there, and my faith in Jesus Christ has never been stronger as a result. It's hard to explain in just a few sentences or thoughts... I have filled journals with my thoughts on this. I desire to fall in love with him and serve him in whatever way he wants, and he has heard the yearnings of my heart and has allowed me to return, this time with a husband with which to share in the journey.

I have very mixed emotions about the whole thing. Every part of me is so excited to go, but as we have developed great relationships with friends at our church and at our schools, the feelings of leaving them bring about a sadness. Not only do we leave our life here in Columbus, but we are also leaving everything we know and are comfortable with. So it's a very bitter-sweet thing. I am anxious to see what God has in store for both Kevin and me, but I am sad to leave behind our lives here. My knowledge of my Savior tells me that he has something better for me when I am willing to leave whatever else behind to love and serve him.

So I step out in faith and look forward to what lies ahead for the two of us...


Stefanie and Daniel said...

Hey- You mentioned leaving your life in Columbus...what about your family?! :) JK. It's an excuse to go to Europe!
We love you and we are so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

As another sole that student taught overseas, I completely understand where you are coming from. It gives you such a heart for missions and serving overseas does challenge and allow you to grow in amazing ways. I was so encouraged and excited as I read this post!

And yeah another blogger! You made this computer teacher's day... :-)

Kristen said...

Dearest sister of mine, It goes without saying that we are leaving our family! I will miss you guys more than anything else, but I also know that I will never lose touch with you. And, I know that you'll come to visit us!!!